Analog’s End – behind the scenes

Although this blog is still under construction, I wanted to go ahead and post my first entry. Why? Because analog tv ends tomorrow, and if you’re not ready for it, then make sure you have some good books to read.

I work at a tv station in Virginia and for the past year & a half, have been creating public service announcements informing viewers about this change. This is not something we are doing voluntarily. The federal government has mandated that all stations broadcast in digital only by June 12th, and it also mandated that we had to broadcast a certain number of psa’s every day about it. People have called & complained – but this week we’ve REALLY ticked them off.

A year ago, we started putting a small “bug” in the bottom right corner of the screen that said “analog” which only showed up on tv sets that were still not set up to receive digital signals. It looked like this: Frances bug wide

Throughout the year, it grew in size from time to time – and this week it finally ended up looking like this :

analog giant

At the station, we think it’s hilarious! Do you think viewers will get the message now? They’ve been calling in, saying “Take it off the screen!” Don’t worry – it will be gone after Friday …. but so will the rest of the picture, if you haven’t converted to digital.

I love my job.


4 Responses to “Analog’s End – behind the scenes”

  1. barelyknittogether Says:

    OMG this absolutely cracked me up! Take it off, take it off!!

    Idiots. Useful, perhaps, but idiots all the same.

  2. Lydia Says:

    BWWWHHHHAAAAHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! oh sweetie, it’s so cute how you think people know what “analog” means!!

    They’re totally going to flock to Alex Jones in droves now thinking that the new world order is turning them into pathetic slaves through TV and chemtrails!!

    You DO have a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  3. Lydia Says:

    Oh PS – I love that kitty – can I have him?

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