Holyxuxa is a moniker that I use on Twitter and other online places – and it’s no surprise that people wonder what it means. So I’ll tell you!

The story begins with a popular Brazilian star named Xuxa. I was told that she was a former porn star but it turns out she just posed for the Brazilian Playboy magazine once.


After that, she became the singing hostess of a children’s show in the 80’s, and she shot to stardom in Latin America. In 1993, she brought her show to the US, but it was short lived. It seems that Americans aren’t as welcoming of sexy blondes in hot pants & thigh-high boots entertaining their kids.


The year that Xuxa’s show was airing in our country, I hurt my back & my doctor told me I had to lie in bed for two weeks so it could heal (since that time, doctors discovered that it’s better to stay active). Every morning while I was off work, I watched Xuxa’s show – I loved it! It was so bizarre! She ended each show by slathering on red lipstick and then selecting one lucky child to receive her “trademark” kiss on the cheek. She was so cute – how could I not love her?


Anyway, when I later got a dog, I named her Xuxa.

Then when I joined Ebay, I wanted to use Xuxa as part of my ID. Back then I was into collecting rosaries so that was what I was mainly shopping for on Ebay – so “holy” seemed an appropriate addition to “xuxa” – Voila! Holyxuxa!

My beloved dog Xuxa died at age 12 of cancer, so I like to remember her by continuing to use the name. Besides – it just rolls off the tongue, don’t you think? I leave you with a (poor quality but that’s all I could find) clip from her American show – her famous welcome song. Go ahead – sing along!


5 Responses to “HOLYXUXA, BATMAN!”

  1. Lydia Says:

    Okay – am I the only one who is LHAO at the fact that this quite lovely and fun broad is wearing a skirt that requires a wax to pull off, but ….

    the ANIMALS have to wear pants???

    I can die a happy woman Bunny!! I love this story!! I’ve got to make up something to make myself this interesting now!!!


  2. holyxuxa Says:

    Good point!

  3. paperbat Says:

    How did I miss her? But I don’t know how to pronounce her name.

  4. holyxuxa Says:

    Oh sorry – I forgot to tell you! It’s Shoo’ – shah

  5. Patti Backer Says:

    haha this is awesome! although i think it’s the one and only time I’ve been terrified of a panda. haha this made my evening! i wish it was still on.
    Thanks BunRab!

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