Inspired by Muses

People have been asking me about the mysterious new project that I’ve been working on – and now I’m finally able to reveal it.

I think I am not alone in seeking inspirational symbols – pictures or items that speak to me and remind me that I’m trying to be a better person, or to remind me of a goal or dream that I’m working towards. I’ve always wanted to inspire others & thought tv would be a good vehicle for that – not so much. Jewelry making didn’t quite achieve what I wanted either – so now I’ve turned to papier mache to create a collection of MUSES.

These are the first three that are ready for prime time. They are faceless because a face would give them too much personality, and they are meant to be the embodiment of spirits of inspiration. I could call them cute names & make up a cute story about each, but I would rather that the person who buys one see something in the figure that inspires her personally, and let her decide what the figure represents.

Of course it’s taken a lot of experimentation to get to this point. There is a pile of rejected figures (“Oh the humanity!”) and “Buster”, the one I try things out on (named after the dummy used on “Myth Busters”)

Here are some other shots of the first three:

I plan to list these in my other Etsy shop “Holy Xuxa”  after I re-design the header etc. I’m also working on  more muses, including a Goth one. I’m not sure how to price them, so any suggestions would be welcome, as well as any other comments about the figures, good or bad.

This is a lot more time consuming than making jewelry, but I can envision a lot of different ways to have fun with it, and I hope others like it too.


2 Responses to “Inspired by Muses”

  1. Lydia Says:



    Or it does when I do it. 🙂

    These are beautiful!!

    I agree totally about the faces – they are perfect!

    SECOND – I know when you started these and I don’t know how you got them done so quickly! You are amazing!!

    wow. Totally worth the wait, and I hate waiting!!


  2. barelyknittogether Says:

    You ARE amazing! They are gorgeous! I want one – do you take requests for colors/themes? Bunny, you rock the Etsy house, fo shizzle.

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