What to get the Fur Kids for Christmas

When times are good and money is flowing freely (more or less), it’s tempting to splurge on gifts for our loved ones – including the family pets. I usually hang stockings for the pets on the mantle and sneak down in the middle of the night to fill them (like the animals don’t notice – HA!). There would be gourmet pet treats and little electronic toys for chasing and luxurious sweaters etc. The resulting reactions ranged from “What-is-this-crap-leave-me-alone” to overwhelming confusion and excitement. Once, a dog names Katie became so overwhelmed that she jumped up on our bed and peed – extremely bizarre.

As the economy worsened and times grew leaner, the fur kids’ stockings were filled with gifts of a more mundane nature: grocery store treats, catnip mice … and the most wonderful stocking stuffer of all – Vienna sausages.

These little canned treats have proven to be the    most popular items on Christmas morning for the dogs And, unlike dog treats, humans can sneak a bite too).

For the cats, it isn’t the canned salmon that gets their purrs going – it’s the deli turkey slices. They gobble those down as if they were mice meat.

So, for happy pets this holiday – don’t bother with the rhinestone collars and the “I’m with Stupid” tee shirts. Just pay a visit to your local grocer for treats that will really get them excited (but shut the bedroom door first).


One Response to “What to get the Fur Kids for Christmas”

  1. leslie (aka: crook) Says:

    My cat loves deli turkey, too! I used to wrap a gift or two for my dog – a rawhide chew, for example, and he would get all caught up in the excitement, wait for the unwrapping ceremony, then grab the toy and run off to a corner to savor it. I know it was more for me than for him, but this way he did not feel left out of the fun. Again, that’s probably me talking – the being left out part. Uh-huh. 🙂

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