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Jewelry-lover’s Heaven

February 10, 2010
I felt like a kid in a candy store yesterday! Many of my co-workers know that I make jewelry – some have even bought a thing or two. So Stacy in Sales decided to present me with a challenge. After her late grandmother’s things were picked over by the family, she ended up with a lot of “junk” costume jewelry, much of it broken and unwearable. So, knowing that I often make new jewelry out of old, she asked me if I would try to make something out of the lot for her and several members of her family. Of course I said yes.

And these are just the rejects!

Yesterday she brought me a jewelry box and a bag full of the old jewelry – imagine my excitement! When I got home, I went through it all – feeling like a little girl playing with her mother’s jewelry. Sure enough, most of it is junk, but I was able to pick out quite a few things that have potential to be turned into something new.

Of course it will all need a good cleaning, then I’ll see what I can come up with. I’ll be sure to blog about the results.


They Work Hard for the Money

February 9, 2010
I’m so proud of the tv station where I work. I don’t say that often, being semi-cynical about our news department. But this winter, they’ve been proving any skeptics wrong. Our usually-mild Commonwealth of Virginia has suffered a rough winter so far – three major snowstorms in a state where one semi-major snowstorm is par for the course. And they’ve all happened on Fridays and Saturdays, for some strange reason. (I remember several years ago when we got snow on every Thursday for awhile. Virginia likes to keep things orderly, apparently.)

A typical sight

Our news department has risen to the challenge and produced live Saturday morning news programs each snow weekend to keep the viewers informed about what was going on in the community – plowing updates, road closures, road conditions plus a little bit of fun here and there.

News anchors Len Stevens & Noreen Turyn

Chief meteorologist Sean Sublette

Len & the obligatory snowball

The entire news team has been involved, most of them freezing their butts off with live remote reports. They’ve done a really good job too. None of our competition has done as much so I’ve had an easy time making proof-of-performance (bragging) promos to air.

Reporter Jeremy Mills & some joyriding idiots.

Reporter Dhominique Ricks is stylin' !

Reporter Brian Damewood by I-81 in Lexington, VA

I hope the bad weather will leave us alone after this, but it is good to know that my co-workers are people I can be proud to work with.