I finally did it – shot photos of my hand-crafted jewelry on live models for my Etsy shop. Well, not professional models. Emily is one of my co-workers at WSET – she produces the show “Living In The Heart of Virginia” with Tab O’Neal. Her daughter Tiffany is a pre-teen, but with make-up she looks like a teenager. They met me at the Starlight Grill, which is in an old renovated building with lots of cool gritty details, like faded bricks. Armed with coffee, hot chocolate and muffins, we got to work.

Tiffany & Emily

It was a beautiful sunny day, temps in the high 50’s with a little breeze from time to time. I used an Olympus Camedia D-580 digital camera on a tripod. My models didn’t need a lot of direction – I guess they’re familiar enough with fashion photography from magazines to know what I was looking for.

The photos don’t show the jewelry in detail, but I have other pics for that. These are meant to sell the “sizzle”, not the “steak”. We spent 3 hours and shot about 80 photos, and my back was aching by the end of it. I’m pretty pleased with the way they turned out, although I wish I had shot more in the shade rather than in direct sunlight. Next time. They’ve both said they would love to model for me again. Hopefully next time I’ll have fewer pieces to shoot & can spend more time on each one.

Special thanks to my friends at the Starlight Grill for letting me use their property for the shoot. You guys rock!

(I would show more photos but WordPress is not working well for me today. You can see more at )


One Response to “LIVE! GIRLS! LIVE!”

  1. leslie Says:

    What fun! It’s nice to see the jewelry ON someone to give perspective. A very nice touch. Then combined with close-ups, your pics will ROCK!

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